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Rovio Mobile Ltd.
Windows2000/ XP/ Vista/ 7
June 30, 2012

"Angry Birds features hours of gameplay, challenging physics-based castle demolition, and lots of replay value"

Key Features
Hours of Fun Gameplay
Challenging Physics-based Castle Demolition
Lots of Replay Value
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What is it about these birds that attracts so much attention? Rovio’s Angry Birds is a mainstream success and is one of the only mobile games worth the space on your cell phone of choice. Choice is certainly the appropriate word as the game is available for many different mobile OS platforms as well as a port on the PlayStation 3 and PSP. No matter what electronic device you own, be it a phone, console or computer, Angry Birds is available for you. Look out for the Abacus port! The title is now available for the PC, exclusively on AppUp. This has the potential to be the most accessible version of the game because mostly everyone has a computer, and since Angry Birds isn’t a resource heavy game, everyone will be able to run it. At five bucks, however, is it worth it? Other versions have been cheaper and feature touch controls, whereas the PC version uses the mouse.

Well, because it’s on the PC, I would call this version the easiest to get. And even though there’s no touch controls, the mouse is easy to use and it still functions like a touch screen. Menus and selections all have buttons on screen so you’ll only use the left mouse button and the mouse wheel to zoom the camera in and out. Presentation is still great and even on a bigger screen like a computer monitor, the cartoon graphics are vibrant and bright. Lines are crisp and there’s no visual sign of pixelation. The sound effects still feature the familiar screeches of the birds and satisfying grunts of the pigs when you take them out. Don’t you just love that? Sounds like you punched them in the stomach and knocked the wind out of them. It all sounds good, but I personally found that the menu music just started to wear on me after a while.

In case you don’t already know, the pigs in this game stole the eggs from the birds, and it’s now your mission to fling the birds in a kamakaze manner to destroy the pigs and their structures. You are given predetermined types of birds in a limited amount;  you need to rely on physics to help you in your endeavor. Some birds can go through wood, some spread out like buckshot and some even explode! The less birds you use in your vengeful destruction, the higher your score. You’ll be ranked by one, two or three stars. The PC version of Angry Birds gives you 195 levels. That’s plenty of gameplay, as getting three stars on all of the levels isn’t easy. Sometimes it isn’t easy to get two stars either. There will be times where you’ll be frustrated that you barely missed your target.

This probably won’t surprise you, but using the mouse to pull your birds back and aim is pretty accurate. There’s also the benefit of not having your finger block your view while aiming and activating the bird’s ability afterward. However, while there isn’t anything wrong with what’s here in the game, it’s what’s missing that I took issue with. With the added ability of a mouse, I would’ve like to see some additional control features. One idea is using the the mouse wheel to fine tune your aim, similar to what you can do in Peggle. The ability to zoom the camera in and out is great though. You can zoom in so it looks like a bigger version of the mobile game or view the entire screen, which can help as you figure out how to take out all the pigs at once.

All in all, you get a great version of Angry Birds that doesn’t do anything to distinguish itself from the others. As such, there are conditions to me recommending it. On one hand, this version stands toe to toe with the other versions, and I can see this replacing Solitaire when people don’t have anything to do at work. On the other hand, it’s more expensive than the mobile versions, which have a greater convenience factor. I suppose I would say that if you already own another version of Angry Birds, there’s no reason to get this one. Yours will do just fine. However, if you don’t own it or you don’t have a smartphone, you will love this version and will keep the shortcut on your desktop for a long time. There is now a browser version of Angry Birds on Facebook but I’ve never got it working and I’ve been trying for what feels like a month so don’t bother with that. This, however, is definitely a comparable port- you just don’t need more than one copy of this game. That is until the Abacus port is released. Wouldn’t you guys like to see a Genesis / MegaDrive version of Angry Birds? 16-bit birds knocking over pixel blocks and sounding like crinkling paper.

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Introduction To Angry Birds
A lot of you have heard about a game called Angry Birds. This article is an explanation of the game, the concept and the phenomenon behind it. Rovio Mobile is this application company in Finland. After a discussion about Bird Flu and Swine Flu, the company developed this story about pigs stealing eggs from birds and how it causes chaos between the two.

Angry Birds is definitely Scandinavian. The bird is a beloved creature there and this game taps into that mindset. The game centers around a handful of different characters. The object of the game is for you to send birds off in a slingshot to knock off pigs from a variety of structures. In other versions of the game, there are also macaw birds and marmosets.


The RED BIRD is your main character. There’s nothing fancy about this bird. When you fling the cardinal, it will typically break glass or one wood beam. It doesn’t work at all against stone planks or blocks, so avoid those at all costs. The BLUE BIRD works predominantly against glass. Once you launch these birds, you can tap your screen again and this bird will split into three smaller blue birds. Your best bet is to focus on glass blocks or possibly a wood plank that you can have all three birds target. By doing that, the impact sometimes will topple that wood plank and create an opening.

The WHITE BIRD has a few good uses. It’s a bigger shaped bird that will drop an egg on a target if you tap the screen. If you choose not to drop the egg, it will barrel into most structures for bonus damage. The BLACK BIRD is also referred to as the “bomber bird”. Probably the most destructive of all birds, this bird will plow through all structures. The bonus is that you can detonate it and cause even more explosions for collateral damage.

The CUCKOO BIRD is two conjoined birds that fly in an erratic way. They take out more blocks than a normal bird, but other than that, they don’t serve much use. The GREEN BIRD is considered the “boomerang” bird and can be shot forward or in reverse, which is nice.


The GREEN PIGS are just your normal adversary that take one hit to knock off their perch. The JUMBO PIG takes 3 hits. You can tell where you are at, in terms of knocking them out, based on the number of black eyes. Each hit constitutes a black eye and a step closer to knockout. The ARMY PIG has a hard hat on and is more difficult to eradicate. There are also MARMOSETS, also known as monkeys, and large white MACAWS, which require multiple hits to knock out.

The addicting element to this game is that you have to achieve three golden stars for each stage. You can advance with one star, but three stars is what everyone is after. There are loads of secret levels and aspects of the game that keep you enthralled and entertained. Each type of bird and pig has their own quirks and mannerisms that make the game fun for all. The materials used in the creation of each structure all have a significance because not all birds can topple that particular material. I’ll write another article regarding what Rovio Mobile is doing to further its brand and engage its customers and fans. The success of this franchise is remarkable and an interesting study.

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Facts and Hints About The Game Angry Birds
Angry Birds has become a worldwide gaming mega hit but how did this game come into existence? Rovio is the name of the company that created angry birds, however, it’s not the first game they developed. Surprisingly they have been creating games for several years but had just never broken through into the mainstream the way they did with angry birds. The idea for the game came about in 2009 when the company was looking at different ideas for games which they thought could become popular. It was a simple idea spawned from some sketches of wingless and legless birds which were angry.

The sketches caught on among the staff who in turn created a unique design which became angry birds. The pigs were added into the game later in the development as an enemy. During this period of development swine flu was being heavily reported in the news which is where the idea for the pigs emerged.

The basis of the game is very simple and is not unique to angry birds but has been seen in many other games previously. It’s a simple physics/puzzle game. The player is given a slingshot and a finite supply of angry birds with differing characteristics. Some birds are faster than others while others can be split into multiple birds. You control the trajectory of the birds with the slingshot which launches them towards rickety structures containing your main enemy, the pigs. In order to advance to the next level you must eliminate all of the pigs before your birds run out.

Rovio has released several different versions of the game at this point. The original, Seasons, and Rio. Seasons is a collection of holiday themed versions of the game while Rio was a movie tie in for the movie Rio. All versions continue to be updated with new levels which are free to those who have previously purchased the game. In addition to these versions of the game there are some free versions of the game available to play. Google has a special chrome version which allows you to play some levels. A special ‘lite’ version of the game is available in your favorite app store as well.

Below are some tips for making the most of your angry bird gaming sessions.

  • Try to use as few birds as possible. Each unused bird will give you 10,000 points when you clear the level. Useful info if you love to get high scores.
  • Watch the trail your birds leave behind once launched. This makes it easier to adjust your next shot or to simply shoot in the same direction again.
  • Be sure to wait until your previous bird has disappeared completely before launching another.
  • Everything you destroy on the screen will give you points so try to kill the pigs while causing as much destruction as possible.
  • Remember that you can zoom in if you need a closer look.
  • If you are really stuck you can look up the angry birds walkthroughs online. Everything is easily found on YouTube or on one of the many fan sites.
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