Google Chrome

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Google Inc.
Windows XP/ Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8
Mar 29th, 2016

"Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the Web faster, safer, and easier. Use one box for everything--type in the address bar and get suggestions for both search and Web pages."

Key Features
Fast Web Browsing
Integrated Fast Search
Easy to Use
Very Minimal and Fast
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Clicking this Download button starts DomaIQ™, it manages your installation. Learn More. - How to Uninstall.

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Clicking this Download button starts DomaIQ™, it manages your installation. Learn More. - How to Uninstall.

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Google has made a great launch in the first week of September for their customers, a really advanced web browser. This is named as Google Chrome by the search engine giants. There are various expectations about Chrome as Google had given it a different look and feel, unseen in all the existing and past web browsers.
Chrome is designed using the minimal design features, but with the best technology which makes the browser faster and safer for the users. Google has developed Chrome using the open source code, which makes Chrome unique among its competitors.

The browser version launched by Google is the beta version. Google has declared that, they are planning to add values to their users through a qualified browser. This browser is expected to bring innovation on the internet.

The browser is made in a way that, users feel they are using a tool which will run pages, websites and applications. The initial reactions do include criticism in regards to its security flaws.

There were various goals and targets set by Google about chrome, even before its introduction in the market. The main goals were considered to be security, stability and quickness of execution. The user interface was changed in a way that makes Chrome, easier for handling.

Google chrome takes much care and attention to make the browser highly secure for use by their customers. They have made use of blacklists that have the lists of malware websites. This will help them to warn their users of any attempt made by them to reach harmful sites.

Speed of chrome is another main aspect where Google has given complete concentration during the development. The implementation is made in a way that is suitable for the small programs, which is not that particular about the performance as well as interactivity of the system. At the same time, advanced applications can very well get maximum benefit out of the way in which Google chrome has been designed. Google chrome incognito is one feature you’d like to look into.

Stability of Google chrome has already received great appreciation from customers. The task manager facility provided by Google chrome is intended at helping users to observe the sites which have more memory usage along with downloading of more bytes. You can also notice the sites which are abusing CPU.

You can get easy to handle interface allowing you to make use of the back, forward, refresh and other simple facilities provided by Google chrome. The tab bar is situated under the title bar, in the minimized state.

You can also create shortcuts in your desktop for the web applications provided by the Google chrome web browser. This will not interrupt the way the user works, since the regular interface will not be available when the browser is opened using this feature.

At the same time, Google has received some security flaws which are criticized by opponents within this short time span.

With Google chrome, web becomes more advanced and special. Users will have a different web browsing experience as they use this browser. The users of chrome will surely have a unique and distinct feeling as they continue to use this new browser of Google. The whole community using Google chrome will help in taking the web forward.

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