Millions, in fact hundred of millions of people across the world have a Skype account and use Skype to make calls to friends, family and for business on a daily basis. Because of this huge membership base Skype is a massive business in its own right but there is one part of Skype that users have to look elsewhere to gain functionality.

Many people have the desire or requirement to record Skype conversations, this need is borne out of wishing to keep a copy of Skype conversations for prosperity, business or even college use. Skype unfortunately does not have the functionality to record the conversations being made through the application.

Since its launch a few great applications have been created to fill this void and give the masses what they want, an application to record Skype conversations.

The first applications to be built with the function to record Skype conversations allowed users to record Skype calls and save them directly to the computer being used to make the call. These applications were great and offered a simple and effective tool to record Skype conversations.

Since the first generation Skype call recording applications were built the user requirements have changed. Many Skype users require a more robust and advanced facility to record Skype calls and the latest application to offer this has really fulfilled these requirements.

The latest Skype call recording application takes innovation to its limits and really gives Skype users what they require. This application does not simply allow calls to be recorded and saved to a local computer, this application actually lets users record Skype calls and save them directly to a Gmail account.

Imagine using one touch to save your Skype call directly into the safe and secure Google network where you can retrieve the call when ever you want and where ever you are.

This same application backs up this great functionality with its “Conversations” feature that puts all related calls and IM chats from Skype together for ease of finding related information whenever required. I am sure many are interested in this as its always difficult trying to wade through call and chat logs to find specific data.

To make life even easier this latest Skype call recording facility combines both these functions with a cloud storage feature that means you can simply click one button to locate what ever you need.

Since its humble beginnings Skype and its associated extras have come on leaps and bounds, so much so that today some of the Skype extras delivered for private companies are really pushing the boundaries of technology. Some of the most advanced of the Skype extras are those that allow Skype call recording