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Mar 18th, 2016

"uTorrent is the fastest, smallest and easiest to use when it comes to torrent clients! Downloads are fast and the program has a lot of built in features!"

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Download Everything – Movies to Games
Stream Movies while Downloading
Built-in-Security – No more fake files
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uTorrent Review

A Look at UTorrent

There are countless ways to transport information from one computer to another.  Whether through a direction connection, server, cloud, or any number of methods, individuals have spent decades trying to find fast, secure, and free ways to do all of this.  BitTorrent has managed to do this well with its particular format and information transferring services.  It’s client UTorrent makes it possible for millions of people the world over to use torrents.  With that in mind, lets take a moment to examine UTorrent and review its function and whether or not it is worth using.

What Is UTorrent?

Simply put, UTorrent is a BitTorrent client, designed to make transferring files simpler with a lower impact on CPU performance.  To fully understand UTorrent, you must first know what BitTorrent is.  BitTorrent is a type of file distribution system that is designed to transfer files between people and across a network.  Downloading speeds are increased because individuals downloading files are also simultaneously uploading parts of the files for other people to download, creating a network for information to be transported between users.  While not perfect, BitTorrent has gotten better over the past decade and UTorrent represents a client side application that makes it easier for individuals to access this information, upload files, and download them as well.

Originally released on Sept 28, 2005 and developed by Ludvig Strigeus, the UTorrent code has been owned by BitTorrent since late 2006.  With all versions of the software being written in C++, the app originally came out to very positive reviews regarding its speed as well as its low intensity CPU usage.  While other apps achieved similar results with far higher CPU usage, UTorrent showed that there was a way to achieve the same results with far less memory.  The end result was it blasting off in popularity within the community of BitTorrent, leading to its continued use today.

Should I Consider Using UTorrent?

UTorrent has many of the things other BitTorrent clients have.  For example, you will be able to do things like scheduling, mainline DHT, and bandwidth management.  In addition to this, UTorrent comes with a range of special features including the popular unique protocols designed to detect and work out intense traffic usage.

In addition to having a lot of functionality, UTorrent is free.  Flash ads help to keep it free and will advertise other software as well as things like games while the client screen is up.  While they are not that intrusive, they may bother some people.  At this time, UTorrent does not have a subscription model, and any group offering such a model is attempting to deceive you.

If you want something that is easy to use then UTorrent is worth checking out.  In addition, if you are familiar with how BitTorrent works, then you will find UTorrent easy to use and you will be happy by its low intensity processing.

What Do Other People Think Of UTorrent?

Over the years, more and more people have become disenfranchised with this client.  Originally coming out to critical acclaim, many people stopped using it after BitTorrent purchased it due to changes in the amount of memory being used as well as an increased hogging of valuable system resources.  Over the past few years, little has been done in the mind of the original users to bring it back to its former ability.

That being said, even as a less impressive version of its previous self, UTorrent is amazingly useful, simple, and straightforward.  It still hogs significantly less system resources then other applications out there, saving you a lot of time as well as frustration.  Minor problems are being addressed and there have been numerous updates to help the client stay fresh.  With all of this in mind, UTorrent remains one of the best torrent clients for Windows operating systems currently out there.

Where Does That Leave Us?

UTorrent may not be as critically acclaimed as it once was.  That being said, it still is one of the best torrent client applications out there.  Free to download and with a lot of support for its upkeep, UTorrent is maintained by BitTorrent and will continue to be among the leading torrent apps out there for some time to come.  If you are looking to torrent files, then you should consider UTorrent first.

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